Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tadpole scooters

Well I finally finished the little tadpole scooters I was working on. Only had to sew them up and thread the elastic through but kept putting it off in preference of other projects. Now we just need to wait for some cooler weather.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas dress

While on the theme of Christmas, here is the little dress I made. I also made some little spotty bloomers to wear underneath.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Little hands Christmas keepsake angel

I wanted to make a keepsake for my little ones second Christmas. I have seen a few crafty things done with hand prints and thought I would make up a felt angel using cutouts of her hands for wings. This gives us a nice keepsake of her little hands and a decoration for the tree for years to come.

First I photocopied her hands to make a template for the wings.

I then drew up a body shape for the angel and cut two pieces of felt, joined them together and stuffed them with filling.

I cut two circles for the head and cut some scraps of yellow for hair. After embroidering the face I sewed these together, added some stuffing and attached it to the body.

The little hands were cut out of felt with glitter on it and attached to the back of the body.

Here is a pic of the little angel keepsake - all up it only took a little over an hour to make from start to finish...I'm thinking I might add something to the front of her body as she looks a little plain...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gift for new baby

Friends just had a new baby girl and I wanted to make something very special. I started out making a little teddybear in a rabbit suit and it was very fiddly so there was no way I would get it made in time.

I have half of the teddy knitted up and guess I will put it in my to do pile. Anyway getting back to the new baby girl...

I found a 1940's Women's Weekly pattern for a lace baby vest and knit it up in a more modern style (minus the extra frills around the neck and sleeves) using baby bella 4 ply I had. The vest knit up quite quickly and was much easier than I originally thought it would be. I decided it needed something else to go with it so I made a little pair of mary jane booties in the trim colour of the vest and sewed a little bunny and bib.

I love the lace pattern and am thinking I might knit myself a lace scarf.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinwheel Party

The pinwheel birthday party was a success. The birthday girl seemed to enjoy herself and the little girls worked out that it is much easier to get the pinwheels spinning by puting them in front of the fan...

Here's some photos of the cake, cupcake toppers and the decorations.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sew in clothes labels

We've had a few things go missing at kindy so today I made some labels to sew on the little ones clothes. It was really easy and I thought I would share just how easy it is.

Heavy cotton interfacing - I chose Shapewell
Laundry Marker

So here's how to...
Using your ruler and pencil mark up 5cm wide x 1cm tall rectangles - as many as you need or can fit on the interfacing.

Once you have the grid marked up use your laundry marker to write the names. Note it is much easier to write before you cut them out. Make sure you write in the centre of the labels so you can sew around the edge without going over the name.
Cut the rectangles out with the sissors.
They are now ready to sew onto the clothes.

I chose sew in labels because the iron on ones I bought keep coming off when I wash (at 60 degrees) but if you wash in cooler water you could get the iron on type interfacing and just iron them onto the clothes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pinwheel and buttons first birthday party preparation

I have my little girls first birthday party coming up so have started preparations. Didn't want to go over the top so have decided to have a pinwheel and buttons theme. I also didn't want to buy the usual commercial decorations, balloons, streamers, lolly bags etc so decided to make my own.For the decorations I am making some pinwheels by recycling an old poster art calendar and I'm also using some old magazines to make some paper chains - I have tried to use pages with as little or no writing as possible.

I also used pages from the magazine to make up little party bags. I cut 13cm wide strips and using my sewing machine (zig zag stitch) stitched the sides together. I put a couple of chocolate frogs and lollies in each and have fastened with a pinwheel hairclip made out of fabric scraps and buttons. There is a good tutorial on how to make the hairclips on the mother huddle blog.

I have also made up some pinwheels for the little girls to play with at the party. I made them out of craft paper and used some beads, wire, buttons for the spinning mechanism and chopsticks for the handles. If I get time I will do up a tutorial on how to put them together - it was pretty easy though and they work a treat.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Legwarmies finished and ready for crawling

I have a glow of accomplishment today as the legwarmies I have been making are finished and they are great. It's the first time I have knitted using fine wool and the second on double pointed needles so it was a little challenging but overall a very quick and easy project.

They are ready just in time for winter and for the little one who is getting ready to start crawling.

Legwarmies knitted in Moda Vera "Noir" using free pattern available from never not knitting blog.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Project update - distracted a little

Somehow I managed to get a little sidetracked with my projects and have started a number of new ones...
I am also now working on a pair of leg warmies (free pattern courtesy of never not knitting blog) and have also started two pairs of booties for friends who are having babies in May.
Of course I haven't forgotten about the other projects they have just been progressing a bit slower.I'm also considering knitting myself a cowl for winter out of some beautiful watermellon pink wool I recently picked up (just for the colour) - will have to wait and see if I find the time.

Tea towel cushion

Some time back I found a pair of cotton tea towels with the most adorable bird printed on them. They were so nice (and a bit expensive) so I decided to make cushions. I made two cushions out of one tea towel - the bird half is my favourite.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm currently working on....

  • Some tadpole scooters (long knitted pants) for the little one to wear when she starts crawling - this coincides with winter so they will keep her warm too.

  • Knitted headband - I have knitted the band in green and am now trying to decide what to decorate it with - embroidery, crochet motif or knitted flowers...Any ideas?

  • Still working on my blanket...could be a while in the making.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miniture Cherry Reds

I love cherry reds. Anyway a friend who knows of my passion gave us these lovely little miniture cherry reds for our baby girl. They are so cute I thought I would share.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Op Shop finds

I love going to the op shop to look for great finds and inspiration. It is a bit more difficult now that I have a miniture tag along but I managed to find some great things on my last trip.

I have posted a picture of one of the finds below. I'm not sure what they are but they are really quite beautiful. They are hand painted and folded - Japanese I think. I'm thinking they would look really nice mounted in a little frame.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ta-Da the finished apple

So here it is the finished apple. I raided the house to get some bells to make it rattle...found them on a jester hat that my hubby bought for a dress up party...he hasn't worn it for years so I really don't think he will miss them. I have plenty of green cotton left so perhaps I might make a green apple to go with the red one...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hundreds and thousands anyone?

I have been making lots of bibs...bub has reflux so they have come in handy. This one reminds me of hundreds and thousands. I made a matching burping cloth and decorated a little suit too.

I downloaded the bib pattern from a wonderful blog Made by Petchy.

Knit an apple a day - easy

I'm knitting an apple rattle for a friend who just had a baby. The pattern is from a book called Knitted Nursery. There are lots of great patterns and most are suitable for beginners. I'm also thinking of knitting a pom pom scarf and bunny from the same book and will post pics of these when I get started.

One stripe at a time

The time I have to work on my projects is limited but I have managed to get a few things started and some finished
I have been working on this one for a while....six months nearly and I'm hoping to have it completed in time for winter
It is a cot size blanket - maybe a little bigger, knitted in cleckheaton country 8 ply. I modified the pattern from a simple baby knits book my mum gave me - I only really changed the width and number of coloured stripes from the original pattern as I wasn't able to get enough of the cream wool which makes up the majority of the blanket. It is well underway and if I manage to knit a stripe at a time I should have it ready in time for the cooler months.