Friday, September 23, 2011

Sew in clothes labels

We've had a few things go missing at kindy so today I made some labels to sew on the little ones clothes. It was really easy and I thought I would share just how easy it is.

Heavy cotton interfacing - I chose Shapewell
Laundry Marker

So here's how to...
Using your ruler and pencil mark up 5cm wide x 1cm tall rectangles - as many as you need or can fit on the interfacing.

Once you have the grid marked up use your laundry marker to write the names. Note it is much easier to write before you cut them out. Make sure you write in the centre of the labels so you can sew around the edge without going over the name.
Cut the rectangles out with the sissors.
They are now ready to sew onto the clothes.

I chose sew in labels because the iron on ones I bought keep coming off when I wash (at 60 degrees) but if you wash in cooler water you could get the iron on type interfacing and just iron them onto the clothes.

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