Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pinwheel and buttons first birthday party preparation

I have my little girls first birthday party coming up so have started preparations. Didn't want to go over the top so have decided to have a pinwheel and buttons theme. I also didn't want to buy the usual commercial decorations, balloons, streamers, lolly bags etc so decided to make my own.For the decorations I am making some pinwheels by recycling an old poster art calendar and I'm also using some old magazines to make some paper chains - I have tried to use pages with as little or no writing as possible.

I also used pages from the magazine to make up little party bags. I cut 13cm wide strips and using my sewing machine (zig zag stitch) stitched the sides together. I put a couple of chocolate frogs and lollies in each and have fastened with a pinwheel hairclip made out of fabric scraps and buttons. There is a good tutorial on how to make the hairclips on the mother huddle blog.

I have also made up some pinwheels for the little girls to play with at the party. I made them out of craft paper and used some beads, wire, buttons for the spinning mechanism and chopsticks for the handles. If I get time I will do up a tutorial on how to put them together - it was pretty easy though and they work a treat.

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