Sunday, April 24, 2011

Legwarmies finished and ready for crawling

I have a glow of accomplishment today as the legwarmies I have been making are finished and they are great. It's the first time I have knitted using fine wool and the second on double pointed needles so it was a little challenging but overall a very quick and easy project.

They are ready just in time for winter and for the little one who is getting ready to start crawling.

Legwarmies knitted in Moda Vera "Noir" using free pattern available from never not knitting blog.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Project update - distracted a little

Somehow I managed to get a little sidetracked with my projects and have started a number of new ones...
I am also now working on a pair of leg warmies (free pattern courtesy of never not knitting blog) and have also started two pairs of booties for friends who are having babies in May.
Of course I haven't forgotten about the other projects they have just been progressing a bit slower.I'm also considering knitting myself a cowl for winter out of some beautiful watermellon pink wool I recently picked up (just for the colour) - will have to wait and see if I find the time.

Tea towel cushion

Some time back I found a pair of cotton tea towels with the most adorable bird printed on them. They were so nice (and a bit expensive) so I decided to make cushions. I made two cushions out of one tea towel - the bird half is my favourite.