Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dust is in the air...on every surface all around....

In the last week Australia's East coast has been blanketed in dust....fine red dust blown in from the outback.

The dust blew in here on Wednesday. I was sitting safely on the fifth floor of my office building watching the other buildings disappear. It was quite spectacular. Coming home to the layers of dust collected over everything in the house brings back some special memories for me...

It particularly reminds me of my mum and dad and how mum always used to make us kids (all six of us) stay outside for as long as possible after she had mopped the floor "stay outside if you have dirty feet" she would say. I always thought she was a bit mean.

We lived in a street where the cattle trains (large trucks with three carriages usually full of cattle) would pull up to re-fuel and sometimes park for a few hours or overnight. This was in a small town in northern Queensland.

The trucks would roll into town covered in bull dust a very fine dirt so I guess that's why my mum was always cleaning the floors.

Our house was huge and had louvers all the way around mum would get us to help her clean them at least once every week or two. My little sister and I usually helped each armed with an old nappy and a bucket filled with warm water and a lid full of kero - wipe the front and then the back there were literally hundreds maybe thousands of these things.

Maybe I will tell you some more about the cattle trains and the adventures of life growing up in this little town later on....

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