Sunday, May 3, 2009

The day greek yoghurt saved my nose

I learnt a valuable lesson today....

Don't scratch your nose whilst de-seeding the hottest chilli ever.

I was happily going about my business sorting the seeds I had been drying on the window ledge for my veggie garden. I had dried out the middle of a couple of capsicum and scraping the dried seeds into a bowl.

I also had a couple of habanero chilli's which I wanted to save the seeds from to plant in the garden. I set to work removing the skin and peeling the seeds away to place on the ledge to dry.

I have been suffering a little hay fever over the last few weeks and my nose has been quite sensitive. I must have unconsciously rubbed it and got a little bit of chili juice around my nose and the top of my lip. I only noticed when I liked my lip and whoa what a soon as moisture was applied to the chilli it started to heat up....

I thought I could wipe it off with water on a face washer but again it just got hotter - I switched to milk and it helped a bit but still hot. It felt like there were flames coming out my nostrils.

Greek yogurt came to the rescue. I have never tried sticking greek yoghurt up my nose before but it seemed to be working....After about 15 minutes I thought I could remove the yoghurt. WRONG - as soon as I wiped it off it started to burn again. I smoothed the yoghurt back on and started watching a movie, about an hour and a half later when the yoghurt had all but dried up on my face I removed to find the burning had passed and my skin was all beautiful and soft.

Thank you greek yoghurt you saved my nose...

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