Monday, April 13, 2009

This one goes first

This is my first post. It is all new and very frightening - is there a spell check? I must look it up as I have the worst spelling. Oh look there it is, big ABC button with a tick.

Another Easter over. It rained again, why does it always have to rain over Easter weekend?

Today was very miserable, I planned to do lots in the garden but it was too wet. All I ended up doing was re-potting a couple of plants I picked up from a friend and arranging some of my pots - I'm not sure I like what I have done.

The veggie garden will just have to wait another week for some attention... Problem is all the rain is going to make all the weeds grow and there will be twice as much work to do when I get around to it.

Anyway thank you rain if you didn't come today I wouldn't have lazed around reading magazines and drinking hot chili chocolate which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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